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Castello Bom Jesus

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Castelo Bom Jesus


Divine Love






This is the perfect description for this Hotel. Perched above the city of Braga, this is the real world Cinderella Castle. The main aerial view you can see in the picture gallery below will tell you that.   A  360º view, a real balcony on the world, outstanding friendliness, genuine warmth.  The owners coat of arms shows the arms of the Royal House of Bragança, the Royal House of Portugal. You will likely meet the owners, a very kind, extremely polite gentleman - Mr. Manuel Castro Meirelles - and his family.  If you like, custom tours of Northern Portugal can be arranged per request, please inquire at the front desk.  And the city is over  two thousand years old, established by Caesar Augustus during the heyday of the Roman Empire. It's name was then, justifiably, Bracara Augusta. All special tours, restaurant reservations and all event planning must be arranged at our front desk.


If you like Old World charm, this is your town.

If you like fairy tales this is the Hotel.

If you like it, now.

Hotel Details

This Hotel has three different types of rooms:

Double Standards

Junior Suites

Royal Suites.

No two rooms are alike. We recommend the Junior Suites or the Royal Suites, with the Junior Suites actually having very large,  wonderful balconies overlooking the gardens. The Royal Suites boast unique views over the city as they are located in the towers of the Castle, directly overlooking the city. Each room has its own name, each tells a different story or memory in the life and culture of the owners.

Children under 14 only per special request.

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Braga and Northern Portugal: a delight.

You will find outstanding local restaurants serving  regional Portuguese food and international delicacies. And the desssesrtss... s for sinful. Very warm, friendly people the Portuguese cherish their tourist guests. The welcome is genuine, very much in keeping with the character of the people. Local museums will showcase precious art, antiques, the art of jewel making - Portugal's goldsmiths fabricate most intricate, elaborate 24 k gold jewelry with unequaled skill. And  the National Park of Gerês, 20 miles away is awesome. Natural pools dot high mountain streams, where you will swim that crystalline, pure mountain water. Waterfalls. Incredible scenery. And Roman ruins, from the times of Caesar only 3 miles from the Hotel.

A Glorious morning by the pool.

City lites by night.

Eastviews - all the way to Spain.

In India they kill snakes, here they kill gardners.

A Night to Remember! Studio 54 theme!

Bird's eye view North.

Standing proud in the afternoon sun.

Before Guests arrival, all power is on for the Great Night!

Studio 54 night: Steve Rubell would be proud.

The day before our Opening Day, 1993.

A mosaic gallery of the History of Portugal.

Our Esplanade, Pool, Tiki-Bar, greens, wonderfull views of the city below...

Romeo and Juliet Royal Suite.

Pompadour, a Junior Suite with a fantastic balcony over the lake.

A Double Stantdard room, Estoril.

A Twin Standard room, Chamonix.

Noble Room, West view.

Our Dining Room - frescoes, tempra painting.

Our Playell, a 90 years old antique Piano.

South View: the greek boxwood garden.

Corporate events, fashion shows and weddings.

This is your Castle-Hotel, our corner of Paradise.

Azaleas in the morning sun.

Circa 1912. Vastly remodeled by Ernest Korrodi, the Suiss Architect author of "Big Bertha", german cannon of WWI.

The city in the sun, below.

Like any medieval fort, standing firm somewhere in 1912.

The Gazebo shining in the morning sun, after a rainy night.

It is not a painting, no. But Dulce Levitz, an american guest, is an artist. As you can see. ArmilarWorld International, Ltd.  |  Copyright © 2001 - 2005 [ArmilarWorld International, Ltd.] All rights reserved.  Revised: 11/08/05.
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